Howes Diesel Lifeline 32 oz BOTTLE



The Best Lifesaver: To use in emergency icing and gelling situations. Works to less than 35 degrees F and beyond. For Emergency De-icing and De-gelling: Step 1: Remove fuel filters and empty contents. Step 2: Fill fuel filters with Howes Diesel Lifeline & re-install. Allow 15 minutes for product to take effect. (Below 0 degrees F allow additional time before starting engine). Step 3: If diesel fuel in tank is gelled, add 16 oz of Howes Diesel Lifeline for every 20 gal of fuel. Future Prevention: Icing: Add 1 oz of Howes Diesel Lifeline to every 5 gal of fuel. Gelling: Add Howes Diesel Treat as directed.



Tested. Trusted. Guaranteed. Since 1920. Treats up to 160 gallons. Emergency formula. De-gels fuel. De-ices frozen fuel filters. Fast acting. The Simple Solution: re-liquefies gelled fuel; de-ices frozen fuel filters; prevents fuel filter icing. No filter change or fuel mixing required. Fast acting. Petroleum-based and warranty safe. The Howes Pledge: At Howes, our family is committed to providing you the absolute highest-performing products for your vehicles and equipment. Proven to work and containing absolutely no alcohol or harmful solvents, you can be confident that all Howes products are tested, trusted, guaranteed. - Robert Howes. Alcohol Free: Preventing engine harm.

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