Funlight 6" Lightstick With Lanyard Green



Important: Do not remove Funlight from box until ready to use. Do not puncture Funlights. Can stain furniture and clothing. In case of eye contact, thoroughly rinse with water. Ingredients will not cause injury to the eye, but may cause temporary discomfort. Do not drink or ingest.



Funlight® Green 6" Lightstick With Lanyard. For fun & safety. Non-toxic. Hours of fun. Ages 5 and up. Birthdays. Great party favors. Holidays Halloween. Contains one 6" lightstick with lanyard.

Other Description

To activate the Funlight" remove from package, bend plastic tube, snap, and shake. Funlight will glow for 6 to 8 hours. The glow can be divided into shorter periods of fun by placing the Funlight into the freezer after use. When ready to use, simply thaw to room temperature. Do not bend Funlight a second time.


Northern Products, Inc
Leominster, MA 01453 USA