Dr Brown's Natural Flow Silicone Nipples 3m+ - 2 CT



Before first use: 1. Use clean hands and clean surfaces when handling. 2. Place nipple/teat in an open container of boiling water for five minutes. If boiled longer, the nipple/teat can deteriorate. 3. Be sure the nipple/teat hole is clean. After first use: Nipples/teats may be cleaned by using an electric or microwave sterilizer or in a dishwasher-top rack only. Before each use: Pull on the nipple/teat to make sure it does not tear. Replace the nipple/teat if it shows any signs of wear-such as cracking or change of shape. Small pieces can accidentally be inhaled and cause serious injury. Remove from your baby's mouth when the baby is not feeding. Do not leave a feeding nipple/teat in direct sunlight, heat or leave in sterilizing solution for longer than recommended, as this may weaken the nipple/teat. Clean before each use.



Dr Brown's Natural Flow® 3m+ Silicon Nipples. Standard. Level 2. BPA free. Fits all original Dr. Brown's® and Options™ bottles! For standard bottles.

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Note: do not sterilize plastic case.
For your child's safety and health.
Always use this product with adult supervision. Never use feeding nipples/teats as a pacifier/soother. Continuous and prolonged sucking of fluids will cause tooth decay. Always check food temperature before feeding. Do not turn nipples/teats inside out. Be sure to contact your physician should you have any feeding problems or questions.
These silicone nipples/teats are made for Dr. Brown's Natural Flow® baby bottle. Other nipples/teats may not work properly and can result in feeding problems for your infant.