Neat Solutions Table Topper Disney Baby Cars Disposable Placemats - 10 CT



Remove adhesive strips. Press onto eating surface.



Neat Solutions Table Topper® for Children Disney Baby Cars Disposable Placemats. Eco-friendly. Sticks in place. Perfect for restaurants.

Other Description

Made of environmentally friendly material. Provides a sanitary eating surface that sticks in place. On-the-go protection from germs on restaurant and public tables. Engaging designs keep your child occupied so you can enjoy your meal too! Discover the magic on ©Disney/Pixar. A Crown Crafts Company. ©2014 "Neat Solutions" and "Table Topper" are registered trademarks of Hamco, Inc. All rights reserved.


Do not use on delicate surfaces or overnight.
This product and plastic bag are not toys! To avoid danger of suffocation, choking or other injury use only with adult supervision. Never leave child unattended.


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