CareOne Ultra Bubble-Lok Pill Organizer



Push bubble to release lid. To Use: 1. To open any compartment, using your thumb, simply push on the contoured Ultra Bubble-Lok™ wall area on the front of the compartment and the lid will pop open. 2. To close, push down on lid until the Ultra Bubble-Lok™ snaps shut.



CareOne™ Ultra Bubble-Lok™ Pill Organizer. For vitamins and medications. Won't spill if dropped. Contoured for easy pill removal.

Other Description

The unique patent-pending design of the Ultra Bubble-Lok™ Pill Organizer features an uncomplicated locking system that simplifies operation and prevents pills from spilling inside your purse, briefcase or suitcase and the lids won't open if the organizer is dropped. Contoured compartment design for easy pill removal! Quality guaranteed or your money back. ©2006 S&S Brands, Inc.


Note: always keep pill containers out of the reach of children.


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