Smart Living Indoor Extension Cord 6 ft White



Attention: Instructions for proper use. Fully extend before using. Cover unused outlets. Use only within electrical rating marked on this cord set. Rated 125-volts. Unplug when not in use (grasp plug, not cord, to unplug from outlet). Inspect periodically. Do not splice, repair or modify extension cords. Do not plug more than total of 1625 watts in this cord set. To find total watts being used: if watts not marked on appliance, multiply ampere rating (on name-plate) by 125 to determine equivalent watts. Add determined watts for each plugged-in appliance or lamp (sum of watts on bulbs) to find total watts being used.



Smart Living Indoor Extension Cord 6 ft White. 2 wire/16 gauge. UL® listed. Overhead projectors. Maximum amps-13. Video conference equipment. Maximum volts-125. Computer equipment. Maximum watts-1625. SPT-2, 2-conductor 16 AWG.

Other Description

This is a polarized cord set. It has a polarized plug (one blade is wider than the other) and a polarized outlet (one slot is longer than the other). The polarized plug is not intended to be mated with non-polarized outlets (having both slots are the same size). A polarized outlet is intended to mate with a polarized plug in only one way (the longer slot with the wider blade). Quality guaranteed or your money back. For use only where not subject to frequent flexing. ©2009 S&S Brands, Inc.


Danger: Electrical cords can be hazardous.
Misuse can result in fire or death by electrical shock.
Please read both sides carefully and follow all directions.
Before use: A cord set not marked for outdoor use is to be used indoors only. See label for outdoor marking.
Inspect thoroughly before each use.
Do not use if damaged.
Look for the number of watts on appliances to be plugged into cord.
See product or label markings for specific wattage.
Do not plug more than the specified number of watts into this cord.
Do not run through doorways, holes in ceilings, walls or floors.
Make sure appliance is off before connecting cord to outlet.
Fully insert plug into outlet.
Do not remove, bend or modify any metal prongs or pins of cord.
Do not use excessive force to make connections.
Do not connect a three-prong plug to a two-hole cord.
This is a polarized cord.
Electric shock hazard.
Keep away from children and pets.
Fully insert plug.
Use indoors only.
Keep away from water and do not use in wet locations.
Do not use damaged extension cords.
Fire risk due to overheating.
Do not exceed electrical ratings.
Fully extend before using.
During use:
Keep away from water.
Do not use when wet.
Keep children and pets away from cord.
Do not plug one extension cord into another.
Avoid overheating. Uncoil cord and do not cover it with any material.
Do not drive, drag or place object over cord.
Do not walk on cord.
After use:
Grasp plug to remove from outlet.
Always store cord indoors.
Always unplug when not in use.
Do not unplug by pulling on cord.
Do not remove this tag.
This product contains chemicals, including lead, known to the State of California to cause birth defects or other reproductive harm. Wash hands after handling.


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