CareOne Twice-A-Day Pill Organizer



To use: Filling the twice-a-day pill organizer: It is preferable to fill your twice-a-day pill organizer once a week. Be careful to insert the proper regimen of dry medication into the color-designated and highlighted AM and PM compartments. Cleaning the twice-a-day pill organizer: Top rack dishwasher safe. First detach both the "AM" and "PM" 7 lid sets from the twice-a-day pill organizer base. Lay both the twice-a-day pill organizer and the "AM" and "PM" weekly lid sets securely on the top rack of dishwasher.



CareOne™ Twice-A-Day Pill Organizer. Twice-a-day. Pill organizer. For vitamins and medications. Dual contoured design for easy pill removal!

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