Morton System Saver II Water Softening Pellets



Morton® System Saver® II Patented Water Softening Pellets. America's #1 brand. For all softeners. Reduce iron buildup & extend softener life*. Good housekeeping since 1909. Limited warranty to consumers replacement of refund if defective. Helps improve appliance and water heater efficiency. 99.7% pure salt. * Based on external laboratory testing of continuous use of System Saver® II versus plain salt over the life of the softener, using hard water with an average clear-water (ferrous) iron content of 1.1 ppm.

Other Description

Experts in the science of salt. Since 1948. Throughout its history, Morton salt has improved lives through the science of salt. Morton's scientifically developed water softening salts provide better water for your home and family, ultimately saving you time and money. Select the right product for your home. Morton water softener salt solutions for all hard water needs: All natural: Harvested naturally from salt water. Contains no additives. Morton solar salt crystals. Extend softener life*: Maintains softener efficiency. Extends life of water softener*. Morton System Saver® II pellets. For high iron water: Helps prevent rust stains on laundry, household fixtures and appliances. Improves water taste. Morton rust remover pellets. Patented technology. Superior performance. Reduces iron build-up and can extend softener life*. Helps prevent hard water spots on dishes, household fixtures and appliances. Helps prevent hard water mineral build-up in water heaters and home plumbing. Helps soaps and detergents lather better to work more efficiently for cleaner, brighter and softer laundry. Phosphate free. High purity salt with patented resin cleaning additives for water softener use only. Freight shipping bag. Meeting requirements of applicable freight classification. Guaranteed by: Salerno Packaging Inc. Plattsburgh, NY. 1-800-789-SALT (7258). ®The Morton, umbrella girl and system saver marks are registered trademarks of Morton Salt, Inc. ®The NSF mark is a registered trademark of NSF International, Inc. © Copyright 2013 Morton Salt, Inc. NSF®. Certified to NSF/ANSI 60. Please visit us at to learn which product is right for you.