Playtex Playtime Insulated Spill-proof Spoutless Cup



Playtex® Playtime Insulated Spill-Proof* Spoutless Cup. New! 18 M+. The Insulator®. BPA free. 100% guaranteed*. Twist 'n click. Leak-proof seal. 1 cup 9 oz (266ml).

Other Description

*If not completely satisfied, return for full refund of purchase price of replacement. Manufactured to Playtex quality specifications. Playtex is a licensed trademark. All other trademarks are owned by Playtex Products, LLC. Try out Playtex® cups for every occasion. 4M+ training time. 9M+ anytime. 12M+playtime. 24M+ travel time. Keeps drinks cool 2x as long**. **Twice as long as regular single wall cup. 1-800-222-0453. ©2013 Playtex Products, LLC.


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