Minnie Insulated Sippy Cup 9oz



To use: For best valve performance, place in dishwasher before initial use. To screw on lid, turn gently until lid stops turning; do not over-tighten. To clean: Wash before initial use. Dishwasher-safe (top rack only) or wash in warm water using mild liquid soap. Rinse thoroughly with clear water. Do not use sharp objects or bottle brush to clean spout or air hole.



Disney Baby Minnie Mouse Insulated Sippy Cup 9m+. The First Years™. No more spills, a lot more giggles. Easier to clean. One Piece Lid™. Sans BPA free.

Other Description

Discover the magic on disneybaby.com. Actual product styling and colors may vary. Product does not contain polycarbonate or epoxy. Product is: No PVC. No phthalates. Conforms to CPSIA section 108. Questions? www.thefirstyears.com. 800-704-8697. ©Disney. ©Tomy. All rights reserved.


To prevent burns - do not use cup with hot liquids. To prevent injury - do not allow child to walk or run while using cup. Inspect spout regularly and discard immediately if signs of cracks, tears, or excessive wear appear. Prolonged contact with some liquids, other than water, may cause tooth decay.
Important: Cup-if shaken, drips or leakage may occur. After multiple dishwashings, spill-proof performance may deteriorate. If child holds cup upside down, a few drops may come from the spout. Do not use with carbonated beverages or juices that contain pulp. Do not use cup in microwave oven. Do not boil or sterilize cup. Do not allow cup to become frozen.
Please retain this packaging for future reference. Keep all packaging away from children.