Q-tips Cotton Swabs Precision Tips - 170 CT



Q-tips® Precision Tips™ Cotton Swabs. New. Variety of uses. Ideal for precision applications and reaching small spaces. Unique design with tapered tips at both ends. Cotton®. 100% pure cotton. 170 cotton swabs.

Other Description

This seal signifies that Q-tips Cotton Swabs are made with 100% pure cotton. The seal of cotton is a registered service mark/trademark of cotton incorporated. Q-tips® Precision Tips™ are the ultimate home and beauty tool specially designed for touch-ups and getting into small spaces. Made with tapered tips at both ends, 100% cotton, and a gently flexible stick, Precision Tip™ are perfect for a variety of uses. Tapered tip. Beauty uses: Precise application, accurate touch-ups, & perfect for blending: Lips. Eyes. Nails. Brows. Household uses: Detailed cleaning, accessing small spaces, & ideal for crafts: Jewelry. Glue & paint. Electronics & appliances. Window sills & molding. Questions: call 1.800.265.7964 consumer info center. For tips and tricks on using precision tips visit www.qtips.com. © Unilever.


Do not insert swab into ear canal. Entering the ear canal could cause injury. If used to clean ears, stroke swab gently around the outer surface of the ear only. Keep out of reach of children.