SlipX Solutions Tub Tattoos - 5 CT



Tub Tattoos™ - for use on non-textured surfaces only. Clean surface of tub thoroughly. Do not use an aerosol cleaner or cleaner containing silicone, as appliques may not fully adhere. Rinse well and wipe dry. For best results, wipe area with alcohol after cleaning to remove any residue. Arrange Tub Tattoos first then peel off paper backing, being careful not to touch adhesive. Press applique onto tub firmly from middle outward to ensure solid contact with surface. Make sure all outer edges are in contact with tub surface. Allow to set for at least 8 hours. Clean tub using regular cleaning method. To remove, simply pull up Tub Tattoos.



Slip X® Tub Tattoos™ Solutions®. Safety & fun for the tub. Easy to remove. Five non-slip tub appliques.

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Caution: some bath oils may be harmful to appliques. When using oil in your bath, pour oil into tub already filled with water.