Fun Bubbles Giant Bubble Maker Kit



Assembly: join the 2-piece wand together by aligning the ends and then snapping them together. 1. Dip: dip the entire fabric loop into a bucket of bubble solution and lift it out. Allow any excess bubble solution to drain back into the bucket. 2. Slide: grasp the sliding section and slowly slide it towards you so the loop opens. There should be a film of bubble solution across the opening of the loop. 3. Bubble: wave the loop gently sideways to make a bubble or allow the breeze to do it for you. Slide the loop closed to release the bubble. For best results stir the solution occasionally. Try this great recipe for giant bubbles! 12 cups water. 1 cup liquid dish soap. 1 cup cornstarch. 2 tbsp baking powder (not soda). Stir well trying not to make suds. For best results allow solution to sit for an hour or more.



Fun Bubbles™ Giant Bubble Maker. Age 4+. Includes special recipe for super sized bubbles! Amazing big bubbles! Slide action wand. Uses water & dish soap. It's easy and fun! Makes giant-sized bubbles! Create awesome bubbles with a wave of your wand! 1 kit.

Other Description

Makes the biggest bubbles you've ever made! Bubble tip: humid and overcast days with little or no wind work best! ©2013 JA-RU, Inc.