Cedar America Fresh Cut Shoe Trees Men's Fit Sizes 7-12



Cedar America® Fresh Cut™ Shoe Trees Men's Fit Sizes 7-12. Refreshes and deodorizes maintains form and fit adds comfort and life absorbs moisture fresh cedar scent. Natural aromatic cedar.

Other Description

With these premium shoe trees, CedarAmerica has brought you all the fine qualities of eastern red aromatic cedar, native to our own American forests, known throughout the world for it's superior aroma and durability, the aromatic cedar refreshes and deodorizes while absorbing moisture and other residue. You are sure to preserve the natural qualities, shape and wear resistance of leathers when using CedarAmerica® shoe trees. And if with time you find it necessary to renew the fresh scent, just sand lightly with sandpaper. Be assured that CedarAmerica shares concern for the environment. We support managed forest conservation including selective harvesting, replanting and complete use of the tree. So keep your shoes the freshest they can be... with CedarAmerica® shoe trees. Be sure to look for other fine CedarAmerica products. ©2002.