Sylvania Sensor 4 Watt Night Light



Ready to use - just plug it in. Note: a momentary flicker before turning on is normal. The outlet that is used should be clear of any obstruction (dresser, bureau, etc.) that might reflect light into the photocell and cause constant on/off (cycling) flickering. As darkness approaches it will automatically turn itself on, at low output. Light output increases as the room gets darker. As morning light enters the room the process is reversed.



Sylvania Sensor 4 Watt Night Light. Automatic on-off! 4 watts. 120V. 360 degrees. 1 fixture.

Other Description

120 6HZ 4W. Long lasting non-replaceable 4 watt light bulb. Sensor night light. Photoelectric night light with built in photocell and-solid state circuitry automatically turns on and off! C UL®. Listed nightlight 5H99. Made in China. (US and Canada). For product Information: 1-800-LIGHTBULB (1-800-544-4828). Sylvania is a registered trademark of Osram Sylvania Inc. (Mexico). 60hz.


Caution: this product is a night light that uses 120V ac power. It is not a toy and should not be stored or used in locations accessible to children. For safe use: plug into exposed wall outlet where light is ventilated and cannot contact bed coverings or other materials that may present a fire hazard. Do not use with extension cords.