CareOne Tri-Balance Insoles Men's Sizes 8-13



Position insole fabric side up. Place heel area against the back of your shoe. Insoles are marked left and right on bottom of insole in the heel.



CareOne™ Tri-Balance Insoles Men's Sizes 8-13. Compare to Dr. Scholl's Tri-Comfort™ men's insoles*.s One pair. Cushions, supports and comforts feet. 3 Support zones. 1. Comforts ball of foot. 2. Supports arch. 3. Cushions heel. Feel the comfort.

Other Description

Step into our most advanced insole ever! Come experience a three cushion approach to relieve foot discomfort. The Tri-Balance™ Insole provides extra padding in the heel and ball of foot plus a flexible reinforced arch for better support. The Tri-Balance™ extra cushioning lessens the impact daily activities have on the foot. The flexible arch support adjusts to your foot to provide customized relief. The 3/4 length lets your toes move freely and allows the insoles to fit comfortably in all shoes. 3 Support zones: Zone 1: Supports ball of foot and prevents burning sensation. Zone 2: Comforts and supports arches. Zone 3: Comforts and cushions heel. * This product is not manufactured or distributed by Schering-Plough Healthcare Products, Inc., owner of the registered trademark Dr. Scholl's® Tri-Comfort™. Quality guaranteed or your money back. Feel the comfort, men's. ©2007 S&S Brands, Inc.


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