CareOne Tri-Balance Gel Advanced Orthotics Women's Sizes 6-10



Insoles are marked left and right on bottom of insole in the arch area. Position the insole with the fabric side up. Place heel against the back of your shoe.



CareOne® Tri-Balance® Gel Advanced Orthotics Women's Sizes 6-10. Compare to women's Dr. Scholl's® Tri-Comfort® orthotics*. Tri-Balance® technology. 1. Cushion comfort. 2. Arch support. 3. Anti shock. One pair.

Other Description

CareOne® Tri-Balance® gel advanced orthotics for women have targeted cushioning which reduces fatigue and shock from daily activities. The added arch support adjusts to your foot to provide customized relief. The 3/4 length lets your toes move freely and allows the insole to fit comfortably in most shoes. The gel bottom prevents insoles from sliding. 3 support zones. Zone 1: supports ball of foot & prevents burning sensation. Zone 2: comforts & supports arch. Zone 3: comforts & cushions heel. Experience a three-zone support approach to relieve foot discomfort. Tri-Balance® gel advanced orthotics provide extra padding in the heel and ball of foot plus a flexible arch for better support. Quality guaranteed or your money back. *This product is not manufactured or distributed by MSD Consumer Care, Inc., owner of the registered trademarks Dr. Scholl's® and Tri-Comfort®. Feel the comfort. 1-877-846-9949. ©2013 Ahold Licensing, Sarl.


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