World Centric Plastic Knives



Heat resistent up to 200 degrees F.



World Centric For a Better World. GMO free. Made from plants, not petroleum. 0, sustainable & compostable. 24x knives.

Other Description

We produce 2 knives using the same energy it takes to make just one plastic knife! 0 carbon footprint we offset all carbon. Our cutlery life cycle begins and ends in the same place. Made from corn, it breaks down during commercial composting to make nutrient-rich soil starting the process all over again. We donate 25% World Centric gives 25% of profits to grass roots social and environmental organizations. What does your cutlery say about you? Our cutlery made from corn says a lot. It say's you care about the environment because it is made from annually renewable resources, unlike petroleum-based plastics. They also compost in 6 months in a commercial composting system, which says you care about properly disposing of waste. With small steps like these, we can all make a big impact. For more information visit Box made from 100% recycled paperboard.


World Centric
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