Energizer Rechargable LED Light Weatheready



Energizer® Weatheready™ Rechargeable LED Light. Auto-on in power failure Flashlight. FL 1 standard. 2h 45 min. 8 lumens. 1 light. C UL® S, listed.

Other Description

Turn on when the power goes out. 3 modes: High, low, nightlight. Fold-in plug for comfortable grip. Tested in accordance with the ANSI/NEMA FL 1 standard. Benefits of LEDS (light emitting diodes). LEDS never need replacing. Use less energy. Virtually unbreakable. No filament, no glass. Packaging recyclable if available in your area. Recycle. RBRC. Ni-MN. 1-800-822.8837. Questions 1-800-383-7323. www.energizer.com. ©2010 Energizer. Energizer, card graphics and shape, and other marks are trademarks of energizer.