CareOne Cosmetic Wedges - 32 CT



Use cosmetic wedges either dry or slightly dampened for foundation, blusher, and eye make-up. Foundation: Dot small amounts onto face and neck. Use broadest part of wedge, with long vertical and diagonal strokes into hairline. Smooth out facial contours with horizontal and diagonal strokes from neck into hairline. Use the smallest part of the wedge to get at all angles and areas of the face to ensure a more even application...a look of light, sheer elegance. Blusher: Apply cream, liquid, or powder blusher over foundation. Blend blusher by using the broadest part of the wedge with upward, diagonal strokes into hairline. Concealing cream: Over foundation, use the thin edge of the cosmetic wedge to pat on and smooth out concealing cream under the eyes and on skin blemishes. Eye make-up: Apply color evenly with smaller edge of the wedge. Starting at center, stroke outward toward temple then from center inward toward nose. The thin edge comfortably blends shadows and liners near eye. Use disposable cosmetic wedges with a gentle eye make-up remover to neatly and easily take off mascara, liner, and shadow. Cosmetic wedge care: To reuse sponge, wash out with mild soap or cleanser and rinse thoroughly with warm water. Let air dry.



CareOne™ Cosmetic Wedges. Professional cosmetic sponges. Non-latex foam. Disposable or reusable. Hypo allergenic. 32 wedges.

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