Stretch-tite Premium Plastic Food Wrap



Serrated blade directions. Break through perforation on top panel and bend back. Locate open here on front panel and lift front top. Pull through perforation, rolling from rear of box. Insert front panel into box to expose blade, and container is ready to use. Microwave directions: 1. Always use a microwave-safe dish. 2. Allow at least one inch of space between food and plastic wrap. 3. To vent, always turn back one corner. 4. Use caution when removing wrap from heated foods and let steam escape before lifting wrap.



Stretch-Tite® Premium Plastic Food Wrap. Brand. 250 Sq.Ft. BPA free. Insert this panel into box. 258.06 FT. X 11 5/8 IN. 23.22m² (78.65m X 295mm).

Other Description

Stretch-Tite® premium plastic wrap offers greater stretch with a tighter cling. Sealing in freshness longer. Microwave safe and BPA free, it's perfect for protecting, portioning and prepping food - as well as storing household items. Keeps food fresh longer. Phthalate free. Microwave safe. Greater strength & tighter cling. More wrap for your money. Break perforation and bend back. See directions on bottom of box. Polyvinyl Films, Inc. 19 Depot Street Sutton, MA 01590. 508.865.3558. [email protected].


Sharp serrated edge. Handle and store with care. Store blade-side down.