Gopher Pick Up & Reaching Tool 1 ea CARD



How to use Gopher Pro - To reach for an object with the Gopher Pro, hold the grip handle (A) and squeeze the trigger (B) until the suction cups (C) firmly grasp the object. Carefully bring the grasped object into arm's reach to retrieve it with your other hand and release the trigger or place the object wherever you'd like to leave it and release the trigger after you set it down. Using the trigger-locking mechanism - For additional control after squeezing the trigger and firmly gripping an object with the suction cups (d), slide the trigger-locking mechanism (E) to the left - this locks the suction cups in position allowing you to let go of the trigger, for hands free gripping. To unlock the suction cups, squeeze the trigger and release. The suction cups will return to their fully opened position. Using the rotating head - To adjust Gopher Pro for ease of use and versatility in tight spaces, pull the extension arm away from the grip handle and turn 90 degrees in either direction (F) then release until extension arm locks into place (G). Instructions: Super Grip: Precision suctions cups. Aluminum Constructions: Lightweight & sturdy. Folding Body: Easily stores in drawers. Rotating Head: Just pull & turn to get into tight places. High visibility yellow color. Grip handle. Metal bands. Hinge lock with reinforce elbow joint. Locking Trigger: For hands-free grip. Trigger. To store Gopher Pro - to fold the Gopher Pro for storage, push the hinge lock into the unlocked position (H). Note: If you do not unlock the hinge, you will not be able to fold the unit. Then told the front part of the extension arm towards the grip handle and lock into place (I).



Nearly 3 feet! Now with super grip suction cups! No bending! No climbing! No straining! Reach up high! Pick up down low! Rotating head! Pull & turn up! Great for: Home; yard; office; car; boat; RV; & more! Folds in half for easy storage! New & improved! As seen on TV. You will find hundreds of uses for this handy helper. Use it in your home, yard, office, car, boat or RV. Due to continued product enhancements, product image may differ slightly from actual product purchased.


Caution: Do not use Gopher as a cane or walking aid. Falling objects can cause damage or injury, so be very careful when reaching overhead. Use special care when gripping delicate or heave objects with the trigger locking mechanism. Use only on objects weighing 5 lbs or less. Attempting to lift heavier items is dangerous.