KISS Lash 1 ea

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Contact Lens Friendly: Tip: First apply mascara on your lashes for easier application of magnetic lashes. Step 1: Rotate the applicator to load the top and bottom magnetic lashes. Note: Place magnetic lashes along inner edge of each applicator curve. Note: Both lashes should curve upwards. Step 2: Rotate the applicator back to its original position. Step 3: Place applicator so your natural lashes are in between the 2 magnetic lashes. Press down on applicator to connect the magnetic strips; release applicator. Removal: With your thumb and index finger, slide magnetic strips horizontally apart to release the magnetic seal.



Kit Contains: 1 set of magnetic lashes, 1 EZ load applicator. Ez load applicator (Applicator only works with Kiss Magnetic Lash). Rotating applicator for instant flawless fit. Pre-curved. No adhesive needed. Reusable. Natural & comfortable lightweight bottom lash. Bring the salon home. New. (hashtag)kisslashes.