Premier Tire Inflator 16 oz AEROSOL



Directions: Product must be used above 60 degrees F to work effectively. Warm can with car heater if needed, but never with direct flame. Shake can well before using. If object that cased puncture is still in tire, do not remove. Ensure that tire valve stem is between the 4 o'clock and 8 o'clock position. Remove tire valve extension or cap if present. Remove can over-cap and attach filling hose by screwing on the tire valve steam. Some tires may require removal of hubcap. Hold can upright and press button to release sealant into tire. Tire should be inflated until rim is off the ground. Approximately 10-15 pounds of pressure is sufficient. Immediately drive or roll tires so that foam is evenly distributed. Use entire contents of can for cars and light trucks. Use two or more cans for larger truck tires. Drive to the nearest facility for permanent repair. After using this product do not deflate tire near may contain explosive gas. Before performing permanent repair it is recommended that the tire is deflated and re-inflated 3 times to purge the tore of any remaining explosive gas.



Inflates & seals tires immediately. Repairs most leaks.


Danger: Extremely flammable. Contents under pressure. Read cautions on back panel.