Yankee Candle Smart Scent Sugared Cinnamon Apple Air Freshener 1 ea CARD



Directions for Use: 1. Remove the Vent Clip from the package. 2. To secure clip, family push clip down until you hear it click in place. 3. Firmly pull foil tab to activate fragrance. Discard foil. 4. Place directly into vent. 5. Slide to adjust fragrance. Do not remove or puncture clear film which controls fragrance release. If clear film is torn or becomes damaged do not use and discard Vent Clip. Place Vent Clip directly into the vent. Do not place anywhere but in the vent after activating. Do not store activated Vent Clips in glove compartment or other closed container.



Lasts up to 30 days. Rub & smell. Refresh you can with true to life fragrance. Odor neutralizing.


Caution: Eye and skin irritant. May be harmful if swallowed. Read back panel carefully.