Cleanlogic Men Wash Cloth 1 ea PACKAGE



For best results replace your scrubber every 30 days, or when the ink on the ribbon begins to fade.



Bath & body care. Stretch fiber technology. A deeper clean with every shower. Antimicrobial product protection built in. Get stronger scrubbing power and a deeper clean with Cleanlogic Men's Exfoliating Stretch Wash Cloth. Strong enough to thoroughly exfoliate your skin, yet gentle enough for your sensitive areas. Stretch fiber technology, a unique blend of materials, ensures a smooth even exfoliating experience. With this powerful tool your skin will be left in the best condition to hydrate and renew, creating the ultimate clean feeling. Antimicrobial product protection built into the scrubber works continuously to help prevent the growth of stain and odor causing bacteria, keeping the scrubber cleaner and fresher. Safe for daily use on all skin types. IMS: Brands with braille.

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