US Divers Snorkel Set 1 ea BAG



Snorkel Placement: Place the snorkel on the left side of your face attaching the snorkel keeper clip to mask strap. Read instructions carefully and completely before use.



Cozumel mask. Island dry snorkel. Hingeflex fins. Size Chart (S/M): Women 5-9.5. US: 4-8.5; UK: 5-7.5. EU: 38-41. No. 1 global leader in diving and snorkeling. Explore Series: Comfort and quality to start your aquatic exploration. Actual product and color may differ slightly from images. Shatter Resist: PC lens provides durability and clear vision. Anti Fog: For ultra clear vision. Pivot Dry: Submersible pivot-dry technology keeps water out. Pivot Flex: Pivot-flex technology allows for reduced fin length while providing increased efficiency and comfort. Shatter Resist: The PC lens is shatter-resistant for improved durability. Anti Fog: The anti-fog treated lens provides an ultra clear vision of the aquatic world. Pivot Dry: The snorkel is a submersible dry-top snorkel that keeps water out. Pivot Flex: The pivot flex fins reduce fatigue and conserve energy, while providing greater power and speed.

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