US Divers Travel Series Fin 1 ea CARD



Care & Maintenance: For the best results, always be sure to rinse thoroughly with fresh water after rinse. Allow to air dry and store in a cool, shaded place out of the sun. Read instructions carefully and completely before use.



Size Chart: SM: US Men: 4 - 7; US Women: 5 - 8; UK: 3 - 6; EU: 36 - 40. Global leader in diving & snorkeling. Portability and convenience for travelers. Travel Ready: Adjustable open heel compact short blade fins provide easy kicking and are perfect for travel. Dual Composite: The dual composite blade channels water more efficiently to help reduce fatigue and conserve energy, while giving greater power and speed. Vented Blade: Vented blades provide an easier kick and reduce fatigue.

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