Aroma Professional Plus Rice Cooker, Food Steamer & Slow Cooker 1 ea BOX



Multi cooker. 4-20 cups. 4 quarts. No. 1 rice cooker brand (The NPD Group/Consumer Tracking Service, Rice Cookers, January-December 2015, Dollar Volume). Micom Sensor Logic Plus for perfect rice every time. White rice. Brown rice. Quick rice. Smart steam. Saute-then-simmer. Slow cook. Oatmeal. Delay timer. Plus Additional Functions: Sushi rice, quinoa, soup. Saute-Then-Simmer: 1. Saute: Reaches high heat to saute, sear, stir fry or brown. 2. Add Liquid & Simmer: Senses when liquid is added & automatically goes into a simmer. 3. Cooks Until Done: Automatically switches to warm once the meal has cooked. Saute beef + chicken + fish + vegetables and so much more. White & Brown Rice: Delicious, quality rice at the press of a button. Quick Rice: Cooks great tasting rice in a fraction of the time. Slow Cook: Sets from 2 to 10 hours for incredibly tender meals. Smart Steam: Programmable steam times-great for healthy sides and main courses. Delay Timer: Preset up to 15 hours in advance to have rice ready when it's needed. And So Much More: Create delicious foods such as oatmeal quinoa and soup. Easy as 1-2-3: 1. Add rice. 2. Add water. 3. Push a button. Micom Sensor Logic Plus: Intelligent sensors regulate precise temperature for perfect results every time. What's Included: Rice cooker/Multicooker, plastic steam tray, inner pot, rice cup, serving spatula and soup ladle. No stress, one-pot meals. Add ingredients, set and ready to go! Downloadable digital recipe booklet. Continuous improvements made in Aroma's product development may result in slight differences between the photographs on this box and the actual contents.

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