Leader Nicotine Patch 7 ea BOX



Nicotine Transdermal System Patch. 7 mg delivered over 24 hours stop smoking aid. Includes: Behavior Support Program with self-help guide. For use after completing Step 2. 7 patches (1 week kit). The full treatment course for Step 3 is 14 patches (2 weeks); this package contains 7 patches (1 week course) only. Read the enclosed self-help guide for additional information. Compare to Habitrol active ingredient (Harbitol is a registered trademark of Dr. Reddy's Laboratories SA). Habitrol Take Control Support Program. Essential to care since 1979. To Increase Your Success in Quitting: 1. You must be motivated to quit. 2. Use one patch daily according to directions. 3. It is important to complete treatment. 4. If you feel you need to use the patch for a longer period of time to keep from smoking, talk to your health care provider. 5. Use patch with a behavioral support program, such as the one described in the enclosed booklet.


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