WinCo Foods Cosmetic Wedges 32 ea BAG



WinCo Foods Cosmetic Wedges are great for: Precise application of foundation, concealer, blush and other cosmetics. Reaching all angles for a smooth all-over even application. One time use or reuse if washed properly. Arts, crafts and creative hobbies. Reuse Instructions: To reuse sponge, wash out cosmetics with a mild soap cleanser and rinse thoroughly with warm water. Let air dry. For best results. use a new cosmetic wedge for each use. Tear along perforation to open reseal to close.



Great for all cosmetic uses. Large size, easy to hold. WinCo Foods Cosmetic Wedges are 100% latex free and ideal for all your cosmetic uses. A combination of smooth surfaces and precision edges makes them perfect for application and blending of all types of make-up. The supermarket low price leader.

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