WinCo Foods Cotton Rounds 3 ea BAG



WinCo Foods Cotton Rounds are Great for: Soft and gentle cleaning for baby's delicate skin. Application of cleansers and astringents or removal of make-up and nail polish. Polishing silver, brass and shoes. Cleaning cuts and scrapes or applying medication to skin.



Premium woven pattern. 100% pure cotton. Cotton. WinCo Foods Cotton Rounds are made from 100% pure cotton, with a patented edging & lint-free layer which provides a soft yet strong, dual sided pad. Natural cotton is soft and absorbent, catering to all of your skin care needs. Use the embossed pattern side for soft and gentle applications, and the fleece side for gentle removal. WinCo Foods Cotton Rounds Value Pack offers a convenient, economical pack of 3 x 80 Cotton Rounds Packs. The supermarket low price leader.

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