WinCo Foods Aluminum Foil 1 ea BOX



Press in to lock roll on each end panel. To Start Roll: Open lid, avoiding sharp edge. Pull our wrap to the desired length. To Tear Wrap: Close lid, grip edge of wrap. Tear download across cutter edge. To Use: Push in tab to each end of the carton. The roll core is now locked in place as wrap is dispensed.



66.66 yds x 12 in (60.95 m x 304 mm). 200 sq ft. 18.58 sq m. Great for baking, grilling, cooking, storing and freezing. Quality, strength & value. Winco Foods Aluminum Foil is Great for: wrapping food, cooking and barbequing; storing & freezing leftovers, baking goods and oven reheating; use as a pan liner; arts & crafts. The supermarket low price leader.

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Caution: Cutting edge is sharp. Avoid contact. As with other consumer products, do not let children use without supervision.


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