WinCo Tall Kitchen Bags 34 ea BOX



49.2 l. 0.9 mil. 2 ft x 2 ft 3 3/8 in (60.9 cm x 69.5 cm) 22.8 mcm. Superflex - strong & flexible puncture resistant. Odor protect with odor neutralizer. Clean fresh scent - helps control unpleasant odor. WinCo Tall Kitchen bags are designed with Superflex film and odor protectant to keep the waste and smell controlled in the bag. The Superflex bags are made from extremely strong film with an elastic drawstring top. They are tear & puncture resistant, and made to stretch. The odor control pulls and traps unpleasant scents in the film and emits a clean fresh fragrance. WinCo Foods Tall Kitchen Bags are Great for: Disposing household waste or yard debris. Store seasonal clothing, bedding and decorations. Sort and store recyclables. Separate wet or dirty laundry while traveling. The super market low price leader.

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