WinCo Foods Plastic Wrap 1 ea BOX



To Open: Tear off this strip. To Use: Push in tab on each end of the carton. Pull the tab to start dispensing wrap. The roll core is now locked in place as wrap is dispensed. Microwave Instructions: 1. Allow at least one inch of space between plastic wrap and food. 2. Turn back one corner of plastic wrap to vent. 3. Plastic wrap should be used for short-duration microwave reheating (typically 2-3 times). If used in the microwave for an extended period of time, the plastic wrap may melt. The wrap should not come into contact with foods containing fat or high amounts of sugar. 4. Plastic wrap should not be used in browning units, conventional ovens, stove tops, toaster ovens or grills. Caution: Handle with care. Plastic wrap and contents may be hot. Do not overheat contents as plastic wrap may melt.



66-2/3 yd x 12 in (60.9 m x 30.4 cm). 200 sq ft. 18.58 sq m. With Push 'n Lock tab on each panel. Microwave safe. Winco Foods Plastic Wrap is Great for: covering leftovers, party trays and open containers; clings tight to help keep food fresh; strong, stretchable wrap that resists tearing. The supermarket low price leader. Made of polyethylene - BPA has never been used to make polyethylene.

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Comments & Questions? 800-824-1706. EO: Employee-owned certified. BPA free. FSC: The mark of responsible forestry.

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