WinCo Foods Wood Chips 1 ea STAND PACK



Grilling Instructions: Never grill indoors or leave grill unattended. Keep children and pets away from hot grills. For Charcoal Grills: 1. Soak two cups of chips in water for 30 minutes while heating briquets. When briquets are ashed-over, spread them into an even layer. 2. Remove chips from water and drain before spreading evenly over charcoal briquets. Chips will begin smoking in approximately 15 minutes. 3. For longer cooking foods or for increased flavor add more chips every 30 minutes. Experiment a little to find the amount that is right for you. 4. Lightly spray chips that catch fire with water to douse flames and prolong smoke. For Gas Grills: 1. Soak two cups of chips in water for 30 minutes. 2. Remove chips from water and drain before placing in a shallow metal container or metal foil. Place directly on top of lava rocks or ceramic briquets. 3. When chips start to smoke (approximately 3-5 minutes), begin cooking. For better flavor, keep grill cover closed while cooking. For Smokers: Follow the manufacturer’s recommended usage instructions.



Net contents 179 cu. in. (2933 cu. cm). Great for smoking pork, beef, chicken or fish. For smokers & barbecues. WinCo Foods Wood Chips are made with natural wood in the USA. Add flavor to your smoked pork, beef, chicken or fish in your smoker or barbecue. The supermarket low price leader.

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