Armor All Cleaning Wipes 25 ea CANISTER



Test in inconspicuous area before using. Wipe surface clean. Do not allow formula to dry on surface. Wipe any excess with dry microfiber towel. Note: Not recommended for use on windows, glass or acrylic-based plastics because it may cause streaking. Not intended for food-contact surfaces. Dispose of wipe in trash. Do not flush. To Open Package: 1. Remove lid and thread center wipe through the bottom of the lid. 2. Place lid back on and pull wipe at an angle. 3. Close lid to retain moisture when done. 4. Store in cool, dry place. Tips & Tricks: Keep a canister in your car for quick cleanup on the go. The moisture lock lid is guaranteed to keep them fresh for at least a year.



7 Inch X 8 Inch (17.7 cm X 20.3 cm). Tough scrubbing power! Lifts & traps dirt. Interior. Exterior. Powerful cleaning. Cuts through dirt, grease, oil and more. Won't dry out hands. Powerful cleaning for auto, garage/tools & home. Tough soils require a tough cleaning wipe. Armor All Heavy Duty Cleaning Wipes are a convenient way to clean up tough grime, oil and grease buildup under the hood and on tools, small engine parts, plastics, vinyl and metals. These specially designed textured wipes allow you to effectively loosen difficult soils and wipe surfaces clean. You can bring back the shine to your tools, engine parts, lawn and garden equipment and more. Use to clean: Dirt, grease, oil, tar, food and drink spills, bug splats, bird droppings and more.

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