WinCo Foods Charcoal Briquets 6.7 lb BAG



To Light: 1. Open all grill vents and leave grill uncovered. 2. Arrange no more than 3 lbs of the charcoal briquets to form a pyramid shape in the center of the grill. 3. Light pyramid of briquets immediately in several places. Do not use lighter fluid, gasoline, electric starter. Do not cover grill until ready to cook. Stand back after lighting. Caution: Charcoal may spark while burning, take proper precautions as with any lighted fire. 4. After 10 minutes, or when briquets are predominately ashed over, spread briquets evenly. Wait 5 minutes and begin cooking. 5. Should more cooking time be needed, add regular charcoal briquets. To Discard: 1. Refer to grill manufacturers guidelines for properly extinguishing grill. 2. Make sure ashes are cool before discarding. For Safe Barbecuing: Do not pour lighter fluid on burning briquets. Never use gasoline to light fire. Do not cover flaming briquets with grill lid. Grill should be placed on a level surface. Place grill away from all flammable items (trees, overhangs, buildings, etc.). Do not use in water smoker grill. Storage Instructions: Close bag tightly after use. Store in a dry, well ventilated area. Keep away from heat and open flames. Not for human or animal consumption. Read side panel carefully.



Ready in 15 minutes. No lighter fluid needed. WinCo Foods Instant Light Charcoal Briquets are great for grilling at social gatherings, picnics or sporting events. Our briquets are odorless and ready in 15 minutes for the perfect barbeque. The supermarket low price leader.

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