Howes Diesel Defender 32 oz BOTTLE



Directions: The best defense against all injector deposits, including those caused by today's HPCR systems. Petroleum based and warranty safe. Treat Rate: 1 oz to 2.5 gal. 32 oz bottle to 160 gal. For best results, use year round each time you fill up. Pour directly into fuel tank. Safe and effective in all diesel and biodiesel blends. Overuse is not harmful. Will not void manufacturers' warranties.



IDX4 detergent. Injector cleaner. Maximum lubricator. Tested. Trusted. Guaranteed. Since 1920. Treat up to 160 gallons. Minimum 5% improvement in fuel economy. The Simple Solution: cleans fuel injectors: adds lubricity; boosts fuel economy; removes water. Cleans dirty injectors and provides maximum lubricity. Eliminates the environment that promotes microbial growth. The Howes Pledge: At Howes, our family is committed to providing you the absolute highest-performing products for your vehicles and equipment. Proven to work and containing absolutely no alcohol or harmful solvents, you can be confident that all Howes products are tested, trusted, guaranteed. - Robert B. Howes. Alcohol free preventing engine harm.

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