Meguiars Scratch Eraser Kit 1 ea BOX



Shake all products well. Use only on a clean, cool surface in the shade. Important: Mount the Quik scratch eraser pad into your drill following the drill manufacturer's directions. Insure the pad is mounted securely. Always use both hands to hold/guide the drill, keeping the Quik scratch eraser pad flat on the paint surface. Keep the pad & drill moving. Allowing the pad to remain in one place can overheat the paint finish & cause damage. 1. Apply a small amount of scratchx 2.0 to the eraser pad in an x pattern. 2. Place the Quik scratch eraser pad flat on the scratch & using medium speed, make 4-6 overlapping passes. Repeat as needed until the defect is no longer noticeable. 3. Remove excess scratchx 2.0 from the Quik scratch eraser pad by pressing the pad into a clean, damp towel several times, then polish the affected area with 4-6 light, overlapping passes. 4. Remove remaining residue with the microfiber towel. Tip: follow with Meguiar's ultimate Quik wax to quickly protect & beautify the newly corrected area, along with the rest of your car!



Kit Contains: 4 oz. scratchx 2.0, 4 inch scratch eraser drill-mounted pad, 1 - 16 inch x 16 inch microfiber towel. Fine scratch & blemish remover. Clear coat safe! Since 1901. Quickly erases light imperfections. The drill works so you don’t have to! Use your drill to erase blemishes! Light scratches. Fingernail marks. Scuff & paint transfer. Erase scuffs & light scratches the quik way! Meguiar's Quik Scratch Eraser kit & your drill gives you the power to quickly remove: Light scratches. Light defects. Scuff marks. Fingernail marks around door handles. Paint transfer. And more! The secret is in our Quik Scratch Eraser Pad that, when used with scratchx 2.0 & your drill makes quick work of removing paint defects! Kit Limitations: Generally, if you can feel the scratch with your fingernail, it's likely too deep to be erased with this kit and will require professional repair to replace the lost clear coat/paint material. Reflect your passion. Serious car care for car crazy people. Contains: Non-hazardous ingredients.

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Caution: May irritate nose and throat. Read carefully other cautions on the side/back panel.