Turtle Wax Ice Sealant 16 oz BOTTLE



Shake bottle well. Wash car before applying. Spray concentrated formula lightly onto car, one panel at a time. Firmly wipe with a clean microfiber towel. Note: For best shine & beading, paint should be free of oxidation & surface contaminants. Clay or polish finish first if needed. Can be used on wheels, exterior glass & plastics. Use a damp microfiber or rinse with water to remove streaks or excess product if required.



Hybrid synthetic sealant infused with carnauba wax for superior repellency & shine. Seals in shine & protects for months. Super hydrophobic. Superior. Repellency. Shine. Protection. Super hydrophobic formula for superior water beading and repellency. Months of durability & protection. Carnauba wax adds a deep, glossy shine. Makes future cleaning easier. Super Hydrophobic Technology: Makes the surface extremely difficult to wet. New Ice Seal N Shine is the fastest way to seal in months of protection & shine. Produces incredible beading & slickness, for easy maintenance.

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Caution: Eye irritant.