Howes Diesel Lifeline 64 oz BOTTLE



Directions: The best lifesaver to use in emergency icing gelling situations. Works to -35 degrees F and beyond. For Emergency De-icing and De-gelling: step 1: remove fuel filters and empty content; step 2: fill fuel filters with Howes diesel lifeline & re-install. Allow 15 minutes for product to take effect. (Below 0 degrees F allow additional time before starting engine); step 3: if diesel fuel in tank in gelled, add 16 oz. of Howes diesel lifeline for every 20 gal. of fuel. Future Prevention: icing: add 1 oz. of Howes diesel lifeline to every 5 gal. of fuel; gelling: add Howes diesel treat as directed.



Tested. trusted. guaranteed. since 1920.Treats up to 320 gallons.Emergency Formula: de-gels fuel; de-ices frozen fuel filters. Alcohol free, fast acting.The Simple Solution: re-liquefies gelled fuel; de-ices frozen fuel filters; prevents fuel filter icing. Alcohol free. preventing engine harm. No filter change or fuel mixing required. Fast acting. Petroleum-based and warranty safe. Above liquid line equals 1/2 bottle. Cap dos not reseal. The Howes Pledge: at Howes, our family is committed to providing you the absolute highest-performing products for your vehicles and equipment. Proven to work and containing absolutely no alcohol or harmful solvents, you can be confident that all Howes products are tested, trusted, guaranteed. This diesel fuel additive complies with the federal low sulfur content requirements (<15pppm) for use in diesel motor vehicles and non-road engines.

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