Andis Cool Care Plus 6 oz AEROSOL



Cools Hair Clippers: Turn the clipper off occasionally during use to spray the blade and teeth. The lubricating aerosol sprays away hair, dandruff and dust particles, and cools the metal. Directions for Use: It is a violation of Federal Law to use this product in a manner inconsistent with its labeling. This product is not to be used as a terminal sterilant/high-level disinfectant on any surface or instrument that (1) is introduced directly into the human body, either into or in contact with the bloodstream or normally sterile areas of the body, or (2) contacts intact mucous membranes but which does not ordinarily penetrate the blood barrier or otherwise enter normally sterile areas of the body. This product may be used to preclean or decontaminate critical or semi-critical medical devices prior to sterilization or high-level disinfection. To Clean: Clean object to be sprayed using usual cleaning methods. Directions to Disinfect: Hold dispenser upright and spray 6 to 8 inches from precleaned surface until surface is wet. Allow disinfectant spray to remain on the surface for 10 minutes before wiping off. Repeat application as necessary. Directions for Disinfection of Hair Clippers: After each use, clean clipper blades to remove hair and other organic soil. With clipper turned off, hold dispenser upright 6 to 8 inches from blades. Spray teeth of clipper blades until wet. Keep surface wet for 10 minutes. Allow to air dry. Between full applications, spray clipper to cool blades and blow away stray hairs. Use regularly to keep blades lubricated. Storage and Disposal: Storage: Store in a cool, dry area away from heat or open flame. Do not contaminate water, food or feed by the use, storage or disposal of this product. Disposal: Do not puncture or incinerate! If Empty: place in trash or offer for recycling if available. If partly filled: Call you local solid waste agency for disposal instructions.



5 in One: coolant; disinfectant; lubricant; cleaner; rust preventative. Cool Care Plus for Clipper Blades is formulated for beauty shop, barber shop, pet salon, animal hospital. For use by hair stylists, barber, animal groomers and veterinarians. Disinfects and Lubricates Hair Clippers: Acts as a virucide, fungicide, bactericide and tuberculocide. Leaves a light lubricating film on clipper blades that reduces friction, smooths the clipping action and prolongs the effective life of the blade. For Disinfection of Inanimate Surfaces: This disinfectant spray is an effective germicidal that kills staphylococcus aureus, salmonella enterica, pseudomonas aeruginosa, streptococcus pyogenes, mycobacterium bovis (BCG) and vancomycin resistant enterococcus faecalis (VRE). It also kills viruses and fungi on hard, nonporous inanimate surfaces. Viruses: Influenza A/(H1N1) ATCC VR-95, influenza B/(H2N2) (ARPU), herpes simplex type 1 and herpes simplex type 2. Fungi: Trichophyton mentagrophytes (athlete's foot). This product has demonstrated effectiveness against influenza A (H1N1) and is expected to inactivate all influenza A viruses including pandemic 2009 H1N1 (formerly called swine flu). Use to disinfect inanimate environmental surfaces, urinals, toilet seats, washbowls, shower stalls, telephones, empty hampers, diaper pails, athletic equipment, light switches, garbage cans, lockers, under sinks, kitchens, sickrooms, pet areas and other places where odor-causing germs are a problem.

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Active Ingredients: 0-Phenylphenol (0.1%), Ethanol (63.2%), Other Ingredients: (36.7). Total (100%).


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