Pennington Penkoted Grass Seed Mixture 1 lb BAG



Planting Instructions: Improving Bare Spots: Mow your lawn closely, then remove leaves, dead grass, etc. Rake, harrow lightly, or aerate the bare spots to prepare the seed bed. Conduct a soil test to be sure the soil has the proper balance of nutrients. Fertilize and lime if needed. Sow the seed and gently rake to cover. Keep the area well watered until the seed germinate and the seedlings have grown sufficiently to cover bare spots, then water as needed. Care & Maintenance: Fertilize fall and early spring with a balanced fertilizer. Once the lawn is established, apply pre-emerge crabgrass preventer in early spring, weed and feed in mid-spring. Use lime when pH is low. Water twice weekly when established.



The grass seed people. Full sun. Germinates quickly for fast coverage. Ideal for patching bare spots and thinning areas. Penkoted seed technology. promotes healthier plants. Covers up to 100 sq ft. Growing quality seed since 1945. Excellent. You Have Our Word: We're Pennington. The grass seed people. Cultivating your trust for three generations by providing the finest grass seed you can buy. Central Garden & Pet. Planting Specifications: Planting Rate: Bare spots/new grass: 10 lbs/1,000 sq ft. This Package Covers: Bare Spots/New Grass: 100 sq ft. Planting Depth: 1/4 inches. Recommended Mowing Height: 2 inches - 3 inches. Traffic Tolerance: Excellent. Shade Tolerance: Moderate. Best Time to Plant Seed: The best time to plant grass seed is in spring through fall. Grass seed germinates and establishes best when average daily temperatures are between 70 degrees F and 90 degrees F. Stimulate Seed Treatment: This seed has been treated with Cytokinin (as Kinetin), gibberelic acid and indole-3-butyric acid, commonly known as Stimulate. Yield enhancer at the rate recommended by the manufacturer.

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Penn Bare Spot Repair Mixture: Arctic Green Perennial Ryegrass (27.00%) Germination: (80%) Origin: MN, Estanzuela 284 Annual Ryegrass (15.00%) Germination: (80%) Origin: URY, Blue Bonnet Kentucky Ryegrass (5.00%) Germination: (80%) Origin: WA, Other Crop Seed (0.90%), Coating Material (50.00%), Inert Matter (2.00%), Weed Seed (0.10%). Noxious Weed Seed: 27 Annual Bluegrass per Pound (1.7 per Ounce), 27 Hairy Chess per Pound (1.7 per Ounce).


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