Schwinn Chain Tool 1 ea BLISTER PACK



Installation: Remove chain. 1. Insert chain in tool on stud no. 1. 2. Tighten or loosen black knurled knob until width adjuster is tight against the side of chain. 3. Center the black tool pin on chain link pin - turn remover clockwise pushing chain pin almost out of side plate. 4. Remove chain from tool, bend slightly to separate links. Install Chain or Links: 1. Place chain in tool on stud no. 1 so chain link pin is facing towards tool pin. 2. Turn handle clockwise pushing link pin in until link pin is flush with both side plates. 3. Make sure link pins are installed in side plates completely. 4. If links are stiff after chain is together, put chain on stud no. 2 and twist slightly side to side until links free up.



For Most Chain Sizes: Tool is adjustable for use on single or 5 to 7 speed chains.

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