Schwinn Bike Helmet 1 ea CARD



Fitting Instructions: Position helmet to sit level on your head. The front should sit one finger-width above your eyebrows. Turn to rear dial for a snug fit. Adjust the side strap clasps to hit just below your ears, forming a V shape. Buckle the chin strap. Tighten so that no more than one finger fits under the strap. Battery Replacement: 1. Push down the letch on the inside of the helmet cage to release light. 2. Pull light out of cage. 3. Use a screwdriver to open battery case. 4. Slide CR 2032 batteries into slots. 5. Close battery cover and clip light back into helmet. Light Operation: 1. Press black button othe light to turn on. Press once to turn on for steady mode, twice for flash, and three times to turn off.



Includes: One helmet. Schwinn quality. Easy adjust dial fit 360 degrees comfort. Light it up! Take a flash photo. Reflective. Reflective material. High visibility when riding at night. Removable rear light. Steady and flashing modes. Maximum ventilation. Maximum air circulation to keep you cool. Removable visor. Reduces glare and provides protection. 360 comfort full-coverage interior padding. Tighten. Loosen. Easy-adjust dial fit. Battery included: Two CR2032 batteries. Ages 14+.

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