Schwinn Combo Lock 1 ea CARD



Lighted Combination: For use in low light conditions. To Lock Your Bike Properly: 1. Lean your bike against any secure, fixed object with chain-ring facing away from the object. 2. Remove your front wheel. Pass the cable through the front and rear wheels and bike frame. 3. Check to make sure lock is secure before leaving. To Reset Combination: Lock combination is preset to 0000. 1. Open lock and turn metal knob clockwise. 2. Set desired combination and turn knob back counterclockwise.



Includes: One cable lock, mounting bracket and hardware. 2 security level. 10 mm. LED lighted. Tough Vinyl Cover: Protects bike from scratches. Twisted Steel Cable: For increased strength. Carrying Bracket Included: Mounts to bicycle frame for easy transport. Security Level: Independent laboratory tested theft resistant laboratory tested. 1 basic; 2 low; 3 moderate; 4 high; 5 maximum.

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