Schwinn Floor Pump 1 ea CARD



1. Select valve type as written on pump head. 2. Press pump head onto valve and lift lever up to lock. Green marker indicates pump is ready to use. Note: If your tire has Presta valves, unscrew the valve seal first. 3. Extend pump handle and inflate to required pressure. 4. Push level down to unlock and remove from valve.



Schwinn quality. 483 cubic centimeters volume. 120 Max PSI. Dual head: Fits Schrader & Presta valves. Steel Stable Base: Heavy-duty construction. Easy accurate inflation. Less effort plus gauge. Ready to use. Try me! Easy indicator pump head. Unlocked. High Pressure-120 psi: Inflate your tires with less effort. Dual Head Nozzle: Fits Schrader & Presta valves without the need for adaptors. Steel Base: Provides added stability. Air Zone: Gauge shows ideal inflation levels for most types of bicycles. MTB. Hybrid. Road. Easy indicator pump head. Includes: One floor pump, sports ball needle and inflation cone.

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