Schwinn Tube 1 ea BOX



Installation: 1. Match tube size and tire size (see tire sidewall). 2, Remove wheel from bicycle. Deflate tire completely. 3. Opposite the valve, use a bicycle tire lever to pry the tire bead up and out of the rim. Repeat around the wheel until one bead is off the rim. 5. Remove tube. Release second tire bead. Remove tire. 6. Carefully inspect inside of the rim and tire for the cause of the flat. 7. Inflate the tube 1/4 full and place inside tire. 8. Insert the valve stem through valve stem hole in rim. 9. Start at the valve stem and install the first bead onto the rim. Repeat for the second bead. 10. Slowly inflate the tire, checking the tire is seated properly and not pinched as the tire is inflated. 11. Inflate to recommended pressure (see tire sidewall).



Includes: One bicycle tube. 700 c Helps Eliminate Flats: fits 700 c or 28 inch x 25 mm - 32 mm tires 48 mm Schrader Valve Stem. To accommodate deeper wheel rims. Prevents Most Flat Tires: Self-sealing gel seals small holes. Fits schrader valve. Helps Eliminate Flats: Internal gel seeks out and seals small punctures. Standard Schrader Valve: For easy inflation on deeper wheel rims. Fits Most 700 c or 28 inch Bicycle Tires: Fits tire size 700 c or 28 inch x 25 mm - 32 mm.

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Do not overinflate tubes. Fill tube with floor or hand pump only. Do not use compressors which can damage the tube. To avoid damage to tires and tubes do not use a screwdriver or other sharp instruments to mount bike tires. Check tires for proper inflation prior to ride for safety and to ensure maximum tire life.