Schwinn Comfort Seat 1 ea CARD



Post Bracket Assembly: A - Past bracket, B - Center Bolt, C1 & C2 - Inner Rail Brackets, D1 & D2 - Outer Rail Brackets, N1 & N2 - Nuts. Installation: 1. Check to see that nuts (N1 & N2) are hand tight. 2. Line post bracket (A) up with the seat post (make sure the Post StopTab is facing the underside of the seat). Press the bracket onto the seat post until it stops. 3. Slide the seat forward and backward (seat rails slide inside rail brackets) to adjust the distance required to reach the handlbars. Note: The elbows should have a slight bend. 4. Tilt the seat by pulling up and/or pushing down on the front of the seat. 5. Tighten nuts (N1 & N2) with a wrench (adjustable or box). 6. Make sure all fasteners are tight before riding.



Find Your Fit: Sport. Commute. Cruise. Soft fabric cover. Extra-Soft Foam Padding: Cushioned, comfortable riding. Cut-Away Center Channel: Pressure relief for a more comfortable ride. Soft Fabric Cover: Breathable, stretchable material keeps you cool and dry. Mid-Width Seat: great for urban and commuter use. Includes: one bike seat. Tools Required: 14 mm or adjustable wrench.

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